Schofields Public School

Sacrifice Perseverance Success

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About our school

The last line of the Schofields School Song says, "It's a very nice place to be." Those simple words, written by a student at the school many years ago, probably expresses best what we at Schofields feel about our school. So many visitors and new families who come to our school express the view that Schofields has a very warm, happy atmosphere and a nice feeling about it. 

Schofields Public School has served the Schofields community since 1919 when the school was first established in a small community hall. The school was moved to its present site on the corner of St. Albans Road and Junction Road in 1923. The original school building is still in use today and its two small classrooms are an abiding reminder of the heritage of this school in the community. It is interesting to note that one of the school's first students, Miss Violet Alderton, who was enrolled in the first Kindergarten class of 1919, lived in the local area until her passing. One of the school's major awards has been named in her honour.

School pledge

As the future generation of Australians we will work together to make those who come into our school feel welcome, safe and happy. 

We will treat people with respect and kindness, knowing that this is how we build a great nation. 

We will try hard in everything we do, knowing that, with sacrifice and perseverance, we will achieve success.

School houses

The whole school is divided into four houses that are named as follows:

Cockatoos - red

Emus - green

Kookaburras - blue

Magpies - gold