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Schofields Public School has now served the community of Schofields from 1919 when the first school was opened in a local hall. In 1923 the school was opened on its current site and it has grown from the small timber building of two classrooms, which is still used today, to quite a large school of 770 students. 

The township of Schofields perpetuates the name of the family of John Schofield who purchased the land in 1845. After prospering on the Californian gold fields in 1849, he purchased more land at Marsden Park and had soon established orchards, vineyards, a saw mill and horse stables. 

After the railway to Windsor opened in 1863 the railway department built a small platform which became known as Schofield's Siding. As the township grew around this, the word "Siding" was removed from the name but the possessive "s" remained and thus the name of the community became Schofields. 

A notable resident of the Schofields District was Jack Lang, former State Premier of NSW. One of the remarkable things about the school and its history is the large number of children whose parents, and in some cases, grandparents attended the school. In one case, descendants of the Alderton family, who were enrolled at the school in 1919, are currently students at the school.