Schofields Public School

Sacrifice Perseverance Success

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School song

Blue are the heavens. Red is the sand, 
White is the surf upon the sea- 
The stars are the emblems of our territories and states, 
And that's what our flag means to me. 

The southern cross shines down on our great Australian land, 
Forever our guardian in the sky. 
In the darkest nights, see the stars are burning bright, 
In the day see our flag flying high. 

Green is our colour, gold is too. 
We have a nice school to see. 
Success is in our hands, we are proud to say, 
And that's what our school means to me. 

The golden sun shines down on Schofields Public School, 
A place of mixed colours and creeds. 
All the girls and boys, their successes and their joys, 
It's a very nice place to be.